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Zero Eco Washing up Gel Bio Cucumber Juice & Mint

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Eco Washing up Gel

Bio Cucumber Juice & Mint 

Natural, effective and safe cleaner for dishes, fruits and vegetables without harmful and hazardous chemical substances. Based on traditional natural ingredients known and used by our grandmothers at times when chemicals were not known to us yet.

  • Easily removes various contamination
  • Antibacterial
  • Ideal for safe washing of vegetables and fruits
  • Safe for washing children's dishes
  • Gives the dishes a shiny glow
  • It has a pleasant fresh aroma
  • Completely biodegradable formula

Active ingredients:

Bio cucumber juice - a great safety measure to remove any dirt from fruit and vegetables, including preservatives and waxes, which fruits and vegetables are covered with to give them the attractive appearance.

Mint - has strong antibacterial properties.

How to use:

Apply small amount of gel on a sponge, wash dishes, and rinse with water.