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Plastic Free Shopping

Please note, We are still working very hard to get this category organized. It not quite there yet but will be soon.



In this category you will find products which are at least 90% free from plastic packaging or are made from bio-plastic packaging. We divided this category on:

100% plastic free packaging and product - means that product is made from non-plastic materials, including packaging and how it also comes from our supplier (it must be also comes to us in recyclable case boxes and the case boxes are not wrapped with shrink plastic foil).

90-99% plastic free packaging - means that there is a small part made from plastic material, for example a top of a jar is plastic but the jar itself is made from glass. 

Our Marseille Soaps comes to us unwrapped and we send them to you in paper bag, means also totally plastic free delivery! Try them as an alternative to shower washes which comes with plastic bottles.

For much more information on our push for plastic free please see our plastic free blog