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Organic Shop

Why do we call the "area of natural cosmetics", and not "natural cosmetics shop"?

Organic Shop - more than just a business. It is a philosophy of life.  
The organic way of life for us is not just a fashion trend and a way to earn money. This world, which we are supporters. Our goal -. To combine in their territory of associates who understand and successfully use all the advantages of organic cosmetics and healthy lifestyle
on our territory is no random people. We are all united by the spirit of research and discovery. We believe that success brings a real and meaningful employment matters.

On our territory a corganic-shop.pngonsultant rather than sellers.

They do not study the sales technique, as do the sellers in stores. We do not teach them the psychological methods of sales and merchandising. Our consultants - experts in organic and natural cosmetics.
Their main task - to advise you, give details about each ingredient. Our consultants  know exactly what the effect of each component and pick makeup that will not hurt.
Within two months of the  Academy of organic cosmetics at our company, they study the ingredients, formulations and types of organic cosmetics in the world. Analyze the effects of harmful and illegal substances.Learn the standards of the international certification bodies. Only those who passed the exam and received a diploma, are allowed to work in the Organic Shop. Every three months, carried out re-certification of consultants.
They get a decent, but a fixed salary and do not receive a percentage of sales. This makes sure that none of them are not interested to sell the first got into the hands of the product.