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Professional Oblepikha


Natura Siberica Oblepikna Professional Range. The new professional range of hair care products and body from natura siberica.
The basis of this new range is made from rare and unique ingredients including Altai sea buckthorn. Natura Siberica experts carefully studied the many varieties of sea-buckthorn worldwide and concluded that most rich in useful and important phrases Altai sea buckthorn. Due to the harsh climate with strong frosts it has adapted genetic properties, which help us maintain our beauty.
Altai sea buckthorn is one of the best sources of vitamins, the essential amino acids, fatty acids and omega 3,6,9 and precious omega 7t
Responsibility for health and beauty.
Altai buckthorn oil body care, face and hair. Altai sea buckthorn oil obtained by cold pressing of the hand-harvested and carefully selected fruits. It is a new line of cosmetics different - Natura siberica.