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Najel Aleppo Soap Red Clay - 100g

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Aleppo-Soap with Red Clay 100g

Red clay, a sedimentary rock rich in minerals, has gentle exfoliating properties and soothes, repairs, revives and detoxifies skin. For this reason, Najel has teamed it with its Aleppo Soap to propose a gentle exfoliant, which will bring vitality and radiance back to all skin types, particularly dry and sensitive skins.
Clay Derive natural earth. This clay of very fine texture is formed deep in the temperate zones.

Sodium olivate, sodium laurate, aqua, illite, sodium hydroxide.

Clay, true gift of nature, has been used since prehistoric times due to its therapeutic and cosmetic qualities for millennia. The red color is due to the high level of oxidation of the land but the color depends on its physic-chemical composition, it can also be green, brown, white, yellow or gray.
More precisely, this earthy rock comes from the decomposition of preexisting rocks, such as granite, mica and especially feldspars. The red clay is full of amazing and sometimes unrecognized virtues that Najel wants you to discover.
Thanks to its high absorbency, it cleanses the pores and removes impurities.