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How to Use Indian Soap Nuts

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Making Soap Nuts last longer

Don't forget soap nuts are an organic matter so when you make them into liquid soap you have technically made a juice/squash, (Uhm suds flavoured Ribena, tasty.) This however does not mean you can drink it I would expect it tasted like soap. Once made into a liquid it will keep for around 10 days if you refrigerate it.
You can however make it last a little longer by adding some Citric acid. Not only will this help them keep longer but it will also aid in its cleaning power and scent.


Soap Nuts Dishwasher Tips/Recipe

You can vary the strength of your Liquid soap by varying the amount of nuts/water ratio. For dishwasher use, you are likely to want a stronger mix, Sapion soap nuts are very low foam so even with a thicker liquid they will not over foam in the dishwasher. To give the cleaning power a little help with tougher greasy dishes you can add a little bit of baking soda.

Best Dishwasher recipe:

It would be worth noting at this point that although substantially cheaper and more eco-friendly this will not de-grease as well as store bought dishwasher detergent. So more regular cleaning of the machine may be required.


Soap nuts for laundry/washing machines

Soap Nuts are great in washing machines and many people find their own individual recipes based on personal preference. So I will leave this one relatively basic so you can use it as a base to expand on. If you would like to see in more detail someone’s experience with laundry you can check out Mia’s blog Now is the knowing.

  • 5 whole soap nuts
  • Essential oil of desired scent
  • Cloth Bag
  • Baking Soda

For normal a normal wash baking soda might not be required but it is helpful for stains, heavily soiled loads and whites.

Natural Window cleaner

You can clean windows quite effectively. You just need:

  • Soap nuts liquid solution
  • Empty spray bottle
  • White Vinegar
  • Water (ideally distilled)

Take you empty spray bottle and add around 50ml of soap nut solution. Add about the same amount of white vinegar. Top the bottle off with water. Distilled water such as that from collected rain in a water butt works best as it helps reduce streaks and smears. If it is not an option tap water will be fine. You can then use this as normal window cleaner.