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Grandma Agafia 100ml - Shampoo special - growth activator

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Shampoo special - growth activator - created based on specially selected herbs for weakened hair care. Gently cleanses, intensely nourishes and moisturizes the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. Extract of Siberian pine needles dwarf - rich in amino acids and vitamin C, restores vitality and density of hair. The organic extract soapwort - gently cleanses Cinquefoil low - restores hair softness, facilitates laying and combing Burdock root - contains proteins, vitamins A, B, E and P, it strengthens hair roots. Oil barbed Eleutherococcus - strengthens hair follicles nutrition Organic St. John's Wort extract - prevents hair breakage. Altai sea buckthorn oil - is a rich source of vitamins, intensely nourishes the scalp. PRODUCT CONTAINS 100% natural ingredients