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Frequently Asked Questions
Are your products cruelty free?
Yes, all of our product are cruelty free..
Why does my product not have a security seal?
With the exception of supplements, A lot of our products are not manufactured with security seals. So, if you receive your item and it does not have a security seal, please don’t panic. We ONLY stock brand new products and we only source either direct from manufacturers or from a brand’s authorised distributors. This means any product you by from us will be brand new and Genuine.
What is the tracking number for my item?
Depending on the value, how much you paid for shipping and what shipping method you selected. You order may or may not have been shipped with tracking. If you order has tracking them we will have sent the tracking number to you. If you order does not have tracking it should arrive roughly within the delivery estimate.
Its past the delivery estimate and my order has not arrived?
If you order is only a couple of days past the delivery estimate it may just have been delayed in the post and hopefully will turn up in the next couple of days. If it is significantly past the delivery estimate, please let us know so we can look into it for you.
What is the junk/rubbish in my package?
It is a big part of our company ethos to be as environmentally friendly as possible. To help achieve this we re-cycle EVERYTHING. This can lead to some incredibly imaginative solutions for the re-use of items. This may be noticed in out packaging, we will first re-use anything that is not nailed down. When we run out of things that we can re-use we only use 100% recycled packaging. (even our warehouse is powered by green energy