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Beauty Clays - what to do with them?

A few tips and recepies how we can take an advenatage of clay properties and uses. 


Benefits of using Clay and what is a actually a clay?

Clay is a sedimentary rock rich in elements and minerals. Which makes it very good for the skin. It has been used for cosmetic and medical remedies for centuries.

There are a lot of different types of clay for body care and cosmetics. They are used in a lot of 100% natural cosmetics and it is something very naturally accessible all over the world. They are even just used on their own for face masks and hair masks. The clay its self has very high absorbency levels and it also is very efficient in purifying the skin. It restores dull and tired skin and makes skin look beautiful and radiant.

You will also find clay with other fragrances in a lot of body scrubs, body cream, soaps, shampoos. Using cosmetics with clay in them has a lot of benefits to the skin and body which include;

  • Rejuvenates
  • Good for exfoliating
  • Binds to toxins
  • Clears away dead skin cells
  • Will bring a healthy glow to the body
  • It will also absorb all the excess oils for the skin
  • Improves Circulation
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation

We sell a few different types of clays which all do different things to the skin. We have listed a few of them:

Green clay - is good for oily skin types as it has very high absorbency levels.

Red clay – is good at improving circulation

White Clay – is a very gentle clay but is good at cleaning the skin from toxins. Which helps with inflammation and swelling

Yellow Clay – is a detoxifying clay that unblocks pores and helps repair the skin of natural impurities.Image showing different kind of clays

Powder forms of the clays are avaible as well as premixed masks. The powder form ones are good as you can make it into different thing depending on what you need it for, and you can add essential oils for a nice fragrance.

Clay powder can also be used in the hair as a mask or as a shampoo. But also, it can be used as a baby power on nappy rash. They can also be added in to your homemade soaps.

There are so many uses of clay for everything from face mask to body mask and scrubs to toothpaste and the best is that it is 100% natural!

Recipe for making beauty clay mask


You will need:

  • Clay Powder
  • Water
  • Essential Oil of your choice (for fragrance)
  • Or coconut oil


Image showing face clay beauty mask


How to make:


  1. Pour a bit of water into a bowl just enough to cover the bottom.
  2. Then put a little clay powder of your choice in and mix together until the clay absorbs all the water or until it forms a paste (add a little more clay or water as necessary).
  3. Add a few drops of you chosen essential oil or coconut oil and mix together well.
  4. Put in a pot that seals
  5. And now you are ready to enjoy a relaxing face or body mask


When using the mask leave on for 10 – 15 minutes the rinse off.

This mask can also be used as a hair mask by making a little thinner and adding the coconut oil. With hair mask leave in for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse and continue with your shampoo and conditioner routine.


You can also bathe in clay

  1. Fill up a bath of water to your required temperature
  2. Then put in 1-2 cups of clay powder
  3. Mix to combine
  4. Then soak yourself in the bath
  5. Then rinse off

Your skin will feel soft and smooth after rinsing.