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What distinguishes the series "Recipes grandmother Agafia" from other products on the market?

   Our products are the first in the Russian market received a certificate for organic cosmetics which confirm ICEA mark on the packaging.

   At production we use organic extracts and oils, controlled by Ecocert Association.

   When developing new products for the formulations, we do not use SLS, parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, petrochemicals harmful.

   Natural vegetable raw materials come from ecologically clean regions of Siberia and the Baikal region, assembled using centuries-old experience of folk herbal treatment.

   Soap root - a natural and gentle washing base, which creates a rich foam in shampoos and bath foams.

   Meltwater - a "soft", clean and wholesome. This is the kind of water used in our production facility, it is a pre-freezing water, this remove the brine and contaminants each defrost. Freezing and thawing has cleaned the water. The quality of the melt water is confirmed by an independent laboratory protocols "LIVING WATER» № 1324 of December 17, 2011.

   Infusion Five Herbs Soap: Ural licorice, amaranth, Gypsophila silky, istoda Siberian and Saponaria drug contains large amounts of saponins - natural soap that gently cleanses the hair and scalp without drying them.

   Cold pressed oils in the production is not exposed to high temperatures and do not lose their useful properties.

   For a range of new products we have produced new original bottles of high density polyethylene, which does not contain polyvinyl chloride. Such packaging quality is allowed to be used in natural organic cosmetics, which has higher requirements in production than traditional cosmetics. At the end of the vial from both sides there is a relief of the name of our brand "Recipes grandmother Agafia".

   Free folk recipes that consumers send our cosmetics, printed leaflets and attached to each bottle


Fifteen years ago we met a Siberian babushka, Agafia Yermakova, who has been living all her life in the taiga. There was nothing she didn’t know about the herbs growing there! As a child, she was helping her grandmother pick the herbs and use them as medicine for healing people. The little girl was fascinated by the stories told by her grandma: where to look for herbs, how to gather and dry them and what illnesses they cure. Not to forget anything, she started writing down all the recipes and drawing pictures of the herbs in her notebook. When Agafia grew up and became the herb doctor, she still kept writing the new recipes in her notebook. During the time, spent with Agafia she was deeply enthralled by our attitude to Mother Nature and wild plants and faith in their healing power. It was a great honor for us to get the permit to use her recipes for manufacturing cosmetic products. That's how the story of the "Recipes of granny Agafia" cosmetic line began. Her creams, Shampoos, soaps and skin care products are created using age old recipes.

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